Despacito Full song Translation/Meaning in Filipino Language

Despacito song meaning in filipino tagalog

Despacito is originally in Spanish Language sung by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee and even if we take Justin's version into account then again it is in English and majorly in Spanish language. Today, we have posted the meaning of full despacito song in … [Continue reading]

Despacito Song Lyrics Full Translation/Meaning in English

Despacito song meaning in English

Non-Spanish speakers are finding difficult in understanding Despacito song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, I understand you have been looking for Despacito song translation in your preferred language however the genuine ones aren't present … [Continue reading]

Download Despacito Song Ringtone for your Phone

Despacito Ringtones

Despacito, a sensational hit of 2017. This song is already available on iTunes, Songs Apps such as Wynk, Spotify, Jio Music and others for download. Please don't breach the privacy and buy the song from the stores, let's support the people behind … [Continue reading]

Original Despacito Spanish Lyrics ft. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

Despacito original lyrics 2017

We already came up with Despacito Lyrics of its remix version by Justin Bieber, the original song includes only Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi and the entire song's Lyrics are in Spanish language and not in English. The song is in Spanish and we … [Continue reading]

Despacito crosses 2.7 billions views mark on YouTube

Despacito Video 2.7 billions mark on YouTube

Despacito has crossed 2.7 billions views mark on YouTube, the song is just behind two or three videos to be at the Top. Wiz Khalifa - See you again, Justin Bieber Sorry, Gangnam style are also there. Justin Bieber Sorry is in fact behind Despacito … [Continue reading]

[Video Lyrics] Justin Bieber Despacito Song Video with Lyrics

Despacito Lyrics in the Video song

Justin Bieber remix version of Despacito notes down in English language and since it is bundled with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi it has Spanish taste as well. We already posted the lyrics of Remix Despacito by Justin Bieber in our previous posts … [Continue reading]

Justin Bieber Remix Despacito Complete Lyrics

Despacito Remix by Justin Bieber Lyrics

Justin Bieber presented a remix version of original song sung by Luis fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Justin's part is in English and that is what I understood, LOL! Jokes apart, I don't know Spanish so I didn't get the original song. Here we present the … [Continue reading]

What does Despacito mean in various Languages?

Despacito meaning in various languages

Despacito song, a very popular one however difficult to understand for many. Why? Because it is in Spanish language and Non-Spanish speakers didn't get it. Yesterday we wrote one post in which we depicted the Despacito Word meaning, please note that … [Continue reading]

What does Despacito mean in Despacito Song?

Despacito Word Meaning

Despacito is one of the superhit songs of 2017, in fact this song made it to top of the best songs at this time. Despacito even received Prenmios Juventud for perfect combination and Best song for singing at 14th Annual Premios Juventud. The … [Continue reading]