Luis Fonsi Despacito becomes #1 on YouTube with 3B+ views

Despacito Lovers 🙂 our favorite song has become the number one video on YouTube with more than 3 billion views, few days back we posted about Despacito video being at number 3 spot followed by See you again and Gangnam style and today it surpassed both of them and has become the most watched video on YouTube.

Despacito number one on YouTube

Well, it is not easy for a video to become number one on YouTube. It is great to see a new video coming at the top and it would be quite amusing to see for how long it wil retain its possition. Despacito is a very nice song, whenever it is played it forces you to dance and this could be one of the reaons why people justy love this song.

Although, the video is shown below for you however we would like you to check our other sections on the site to know more about Despacito.

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Despacito Luis Fonsi Daddy Yankee Video on YouTube – #1

With more than 3 billion plus views, it is trending at number one place on YouTube, we also got to know that it is the most buffered song in the world. A set of achievements for this song.


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