Despacito Minions Version Song Funny Video

OK, so you enjoyed Despacito Song but how about your young siblings/friends or kids? Despacito Minion version is available online which is bit kiddish and your Kids would like it. Don’t tell them the meaning since the meaning of this song would not be suitable for them to know at this age.

Despacito Minions Video

Minions are cute and so is the video, I always find Minions sweet and naughty and the song’s video depicts the same. The original song video is also posted on our site and along with that Video lyrics are also there. In recent times, we have also posted Despacito song lyrics meaning and translation in various languages like English, Hindi, French, Filipino, etc and will be coming up in other languages as well. Keep checking our site for daily updates on Despacito.

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Despacito is still trending even after 7 months of its launch, it has become the most viewed video online on YouTube with more than 3 Billion views. Isn’t that amazing?

Coming back to the topic, Minions version is shown below which you’ll find amusing.

Despacito Justin Bieber’s Minions Song Video


Despacito Remix Minions Song Video

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