What does Despacito mean in various Languages?

Despacito song, a very popular one however difficult to understand for many. Why? Because it is in Spanish language and Non-Spanish speakers didn’t get it. Yesterday we wrote one post in which we depicted the Despacito Word meaning, please note that in that post we wrote the meaning of the word only and not of the Lyrics. For translation, do check our other posts.

Despacito meaning in various languages

Despacito has been topping the chart since its launch in January 2017,the one sung by Justin Bieber has even been nominated for 19th Teen Choice Award and the first original sung by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi has won an award at Prenmios Juventud for perfect combination and Best song for singing at 14th Annual Premios Juventud.

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Since, the song’s lyrics are in Spanish language and you’re obviously reading this post because you don’t understand Spanish. We have written the meaning of the meaning (by translation) of this word in various languages below.

Despacito word meaning in English

Despacito means ‘Slowly’ or ‘slowly does it’ in English.

Despacito Word meaning in Hindi

Despacito means ‘धीरे-धीरे’ (dheere-dheere) in Hindi.

Despacito Word meaning in Filipino

Despacito means ‘dahan-dahan’ in Filipino language.

Despacito Word meaning in Dutch

Despacito word means ‘langzaam’ in Dutch language.

Despacito Word meaning in French

Despacito word means ‘lentement’ in French language.

Despacito meaning in German

Despacito word meaning in German is ‘langsam’.

Despacito Word meaning in Indonesian

In Indonesian language, Despacito means ‘pelan-pelan’.

Despacito word translation in Irish?

In Irish language, this word means ‘Go Mall’.

Despacito Word meaning in Chinese

In chinese language, it means ‘慢慢地’ (Màn man de).

Despacito word meaning in Italian

In Italian language, this word means ‘lentamente’.

Despacito word meaning in Japanese

In Japense language, Despacito means ‘ゆっくり’ (Yukkuri).

Despacito meaning in Korean?

In Korean it means ‘천천히’ (cheoncheonhi).

Despacito word meaning in Latin, Malay, Nepali, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese.

In Latin – lente

In Malay – ‘perlahan-lahan’

In Nepali – ‘बिस्तारै’

In Polish – ‘powoli’

In Romanian – ‘încet’

In Russian – ‘медленно’ (medlenno)

In Portuguese – ‘medlenno’

If you would like to know the meaning of Despacito in your own language and it is not mentioned above then let us know via a comment below and we will get back to you with its meaning. For any correction also, please let us know.