Despacito Song Lyrics Translation/Meaning in Russian

Despacito is a very popular song, despite being launched 7-8 months back it is still topping the charts. If you go to the top 20 songs which are trending these days you would still find Despacito in it. Despacito recently became the most viewed video on YouTube with more than 3 Billion views. We have been translating this song in various languages for our readers as this song is popular in many countries. Today, we have translated Despacito song in Russian language.

Russian Despacito Song meaning lyrics

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Despacito Indonesian Lyrics Translation| Despacito Meaning in Indonesian

Despacito lyrics in Indonesian

Despacito song is very popular in Indonesia, I could notice this with the help of trend posted Online. Since, the song is in Spanish language the Indonesian people might be facing problem in understanding it. Today, we have posted Despacito lyrics … [Continue reading]

Download Justin Bieber JB Despacito Ringtones for Phones

Justin Bieber Despacito Ringtone

Justin Bieber sung the remix version of Despacito and many of you might be looking for the ringtone of the song by Justin Bieber i.e. Despacito in collaboration with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. The Spanish song which is the original song by Daddy … [Continue reading]

Despacito Song Lyrics Translation/Meaning in Hindi

Despacito song in Hindi

Despacito is a very popular song, the original song is in Spanish language and Non-Spanish in spite of not understanding it are finding it very interesting. We have been getting requests from our readers to translate¬†or let them know the meaning of … [Continue reading]

Download Luis Fonsi Despacito Spanish Ringtone for Phones

Despacito Luis Fonsi Spanish Ringtone

Despacito has become the favorite song of many, in fact the video posted on YouTube has become the most watched video in the world. You can watch the video on the right hand side of this site while you're going through this post. This post has the … [Continue reading]

[Video Lyrics + Text] Luis Fonsi Despacito Original Spanish Lyrics

Luis Fonsi Despacito Spanish Lyrics

Despacito, a superhit song of 2017 was released in January 2017 and has become the most watched video on YouTube. This song has also become the most buffered song in the world. These are some of the achievements set by this song. Now, since the song … [Continue reading]

Luis Fonsi Despacito becomes #1 on YouTube with 3B+ views

Despacito number one on YouTube

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Despacito Minions Version Song Funny Video

Despacito Minions Video

OK, so you enjoyed Despacito Song but how about your young siblings/friends or kids? Despacito Minion version is available online which is bit kiddish and your Kids would like it. Don't tell them the meaning since the meaning of this song would not … [Continue reading]

Despacito Song Lyrics Meaning/Translation in Korean

Despacito Song lyrics in Korean language

Despacito has two variants - one is the original by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee and the other one is the remix version which was sung by Justin Bieber. Today, we have posted Despacito song meaning in Korean Language. The original song is … [Continue reading]

Despacito Song Lyrics in French| Despacito Meaning in French

Despacito French Lyrics meaning

Today's post is dedicated to our French readers, we were getting a lot of requests from our readers for Despacito in French language and here we are with the same. In this post we have written Despacito song meaning in French, the original song is in … [Continue reading]